Joy from the inside out!

When was the last time you felt truly alive?

How to Slow Down & Choose Courage over Comfort with Leadership Coach
Charmian Tardieu on the Emma Doyle Podcast

As a certified professional coach,  I will provide the safe space for you to explore what it is you really want and who you want to become.

More Joy, More Purpose

Unlock Your Joy and Find New Paths to Fulfillment


Life doesn’t need to be so hard! It’s often not the situation itself but our perspective, thoughts and worries that make life feel heavy. Learn ways to gain more lightness of being and find fresh energy to create a life you love.  Redefine success, find new purpose and follow your heart!  Use the next chapter of your life to help the world shine a little brighter.

Look at your life through the lens of joy and explore new possibilities and perspectives

Develop new habits with ease and find motivation to take on new challenges 

Who is (Joy) Coaching for?

My coaching is primarily intended for people who are looking to find more joy and purpose in their lives. This is an inside-out approach based on the principles of connection, curiosity and courage, and inspired by mindfulness and high-potential coaching practices.

If you too want help in defining and shaping the next chapter of your life, driven by what brings you joy and meaning –  no longer restrained by the past or others’ expectations – then you are in the right place. Let’s connect!

Joy from the inside out!

To see if this is something you want to do, why not book a free 30 minute consultation with Charmian

"Really positive effect on my life"

I have more courage to be myself, I judge less and connect with others better. I found meditation difficult at the beginning, but now it helps me find calm and let go of negative thoughts. It’s also helped me take steps to become the famous author I want to be. This has had a really positive effect on my life.
Clemence Hasenrader - Paris

"Practical tools for a more joyful life"

The  framework and practical tools were instrumental in helping me create, and layer in, good habits that set me up for living a more joyful and intentional life.  These habit-stacks became like second nature, and made me more present to the people in my life.  I'm looking forward to using the tools in A Path To Joy to create a bigger vision for my life.  Every session was a joy...
Vallier Hardy – Los Angeles

"Easy to integrate even into the busiest schedule"

 As a joy coach, Charmian distilled ancient wisdom and latest science of joy into a simple and effective framework that is easy to practice and integrate even into the busiest schedule. As a result, the feeling of joy will be growing overtime creating a cascade of positive change in many areas of life.
Julia Barysheva - Chicago

"Changed my perspective..."

Looking for joy was not at all on the radar, ever... Charmian has opened up new exploration roads and has changed my perspective in many areas. I feel much more equipped to welcome what is around the corner. Charmian embodies joy with her sunny personality and has this amazing gift to help people get better in their own world.
Florence Perrier – Lyon, France

"Rediscovered my courage"

Just by implementing some of Charmian’s ideas I found I have: really improved my positivity; rediscovered the courage I had shown in the past when facing challenges; remained calm, determined and focused in times of crisis; and rediscovered my self-confidence. I now enjoy an improved positive attitude to life - open to new ideas and excited about the opportunities which lie ahead.

Shirley Mackintosh – Troon, Scotland

Charmian with a white coat
CPCC and ICF ACC Certified

Hi, I’m Charmian.

I am a brand turned people coach who has realised that the same principles used to help businesses grow can be applied to help people experience more joy in their lives. Find out why I am so passionate about the importance of ‘training your joy’ and finding more purpose.

Get to know me

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) / ICF ACC
  • 30 years working as a successful brand coach and workshop facilitator on global businesses
  • Running my own company MilesFurther since 2002, guiding international teams with fresh insights and innovation strategies
  • Certified Jivamukti Yoga and mindfulness teacher

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