Hello! I’m Charmian

Coach, Strategy Consultant,
Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Mother, Friend, Partner, Athlete

Growing up bilingual in Germany and the UK – and having lived and worked in many different parts of the world such as LA, San Francisco, Edinburgh and Paris – I find it easy to feel at home with people wherever they are from, however different they might at first appear.

Hamburg is my birthplace and my home! So, despite my British parents and UK schooling, Hamburg keeps pulling me back and indeed, I have spent the most time here in my life. I had the good fortune of having a wonderful “second” German mother who had me to stay 6 times a year, in every school holiday, throughout my childhood. This strong emotional connection to Tante (my name for her) helped me grow up bilingual and bicultural, and understand that love, not nationality or “blood”, is what really matters for heartfelt, meaningful connection.

My life purpose – finding and spreading joy through deep connection to self and others – all started with what I learned from Tante in Hamburg all those years ago. Anxiety and depression plagued me as a child in the UK but whenever I came to Germany I felt better – loved and accepted for who I was.
This early “double” life between two very different families with very different value systems and how I felt ignited a lifelong curiosity about what really drives health and happiness.

It fills me with joy to bring out the best in people and create more psychological safety at work so that people can learn, grow and contribute fully in teams. I started my own company in 2002 called MilesFurther, which is all about helping teams in innovation grow with insight – into themselves, each other and their target audience – and creating safe spaces for creativity to happen.

I live with my son Miles (born 2001) and our beautiful crazy Corgi-Terrier dog Teddy, enjoying daily meditation and yoga, as well as other athletic activities such as cycling and weight-training.

Passionate about daily exercise and healthy food, I seem to spend a lot of time running, doing workouts, and chopping vegetables 🙂

Collage of Charmian with family, dog and Hamburg

Approach & Values


I believe in living a heart-driven life, in kindness towards people and animals and in the connectedness of all beings.

I believe in finding the right balance between pushing yourself to be the best you can be and loving yourself for who you are and for your ability to share light and love.

My approach comes from a place of heart-felt connection and acceptance, with a genuine interest in understanding the whole story and helping people reframe their own lives to see the potential for growth and joy in any situation.



  • Innovation & Brand Strategy (since 1989)
  • MilesFurther / Business Coach  (Own business since 2002)
  • Mindfulness &  Yoga Teacher (since 2012)
  • Executive Coach (since 2021)



  • BA University of Bristol
  • Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher 
  • Greator Keynote Speaker (Training)
  • Professional Coactive Coaching Certification
CPCC, ICF ACC, Enneagram Certified
Charmian - The Joy Coach
Miles Further - Taking Brands Further