Find joy and purpose …even in Turbulent times

A Path to Joy

Take a six-week guided digital journey to learn how to increase your well-being and explore fresh perspectives for your life.

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What People Are Saying

"My personal joy masterclass"

A Path to Joy – my personal masterclass... Charmian’s amazing Joy Model brought everything together in one place ... I experienced how and why different habits lead to a life full of joy. It also gave me the courage and motivation to write my book -
Kerstin Alert - Hamburg

"Most inspiring"

I found the journey most inspiring ... it really brings me forward on my way to a new professional orientation and more happiness. The longer the course the more the pieces of the puzzle come together. I am convinced that you will create a lot of joy for many people!
Susanne Jansen – Hamburg

"Extensive knowledge... original and compelling"

"I was very impressed by Charmian’s extensive knowledge in the fields of self-development, health and spirituality. Week after week, she has taught me ways to lift up not only my moods but also my perspectives on life, in a deep and authentic manner."
Sophie Loyer – Paris

"Really positive effect on my life"

I have more courage to be myself, I judge less and connect with others better. I found meditation difficult at the beginning, but now it helps me find calm and let go of negative thoughts. It’s also helped me take steps to become the famous author I want to be. This has had a really positive effect on my life.
Clemence Hasenrader - Paris

"Practical tools for a more joyful life"

The  framework and practical tools were instrumental in helping me create, and layer in, good habits that set me up for living a more joyful and intentional life.  These habit-stacks became like second nature, and made me more present to the people in my life.  I'm looking forward to using the tools in A Path To Joy to create a bigger vision for my life.  Every session was a joy...
Vallier Hardy – Los Angeles

"Easy to integrate even into the busiest schedule"

 As a joy coach, Charmian distilled ancient wisdom and latest science of joy into a simple and effective framework that is easy to practice and integrate even into the busiest schedule. As a result, the feeling of joy will be growing overtime creating a cascade of positive change in many areas of life.
Julia Barysheva - Chicago

"Changed my perspective..."

Looking for joy was not at all on the radar, ever... Charmian has opened up new exploration roads and has changed my perspective in many areas. I feel much more equipped to welcome what is around the corner. Charmian embodies joy with her sunny personality and has this amazing gift to help people get better in their own world.
Florence Perrier – Lyon, France

"Rediscovered my courage"

Just by implementing some of Charmian’s ideas I found I have: really improved my positivity; rediscovered the courage I had shown in the past when facing challenges; remained calm, determined and focused in times of crisis; and rediscovered my self-confidence. I now enjoy an improved positive attitude to life - open to new ideas and excited about the opportunities which lie ahead.

Shirley Mackintosh – Troon, Scotland

What You Will Learn

New perspectives for yourself and your life, with practical tools and easy  habits to give you more joy every day. Take time to explore what gives you purpose and create a more fulfilling future.

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Week 1: Foundation of Joy

Learn about four key pillars of self-care and how to create healthy daily habits for body and mind.

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Week 2: The Joy Method

Learn how the principles of innovation can be used to help you look at your own life with more creativity.

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Week 3: Connection

Find out how emotional connection is an anchor for joy and it works across three dimensions.

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Week 4: Curiosity

Open up new paths for yourself by asking more questions and letting go of what you think you know.

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Week 5: Courage

Discover how to look inwards to listen to your inner knowing, then take action guided by your heart.

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Week 6: Your Path

Make your own vision board and action plan to ensure every day has room for joy and is guided by purpose.

What to Expect


A six-week video course to show you how to train your joy, inspired by mindfulness and positive psychology


5 hours of video material (plus worksheets for each session) to motivate you to prioritise what matters


Structured self-reflection / writing and meditation practice (between sessions) to build new habits

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