A lot of the women I coach are at a crossroads in their life.  The goals and plans for the first 30-50 years of their lives were clear – and they accomplished them.  Academic achievements and successful career? TICK!  Husband, kids, harmonious family life? TICK! Seen the world? TICK! 

So now what?  What do I do with the next 50 years of my life? Is this it, many are asking themselves. 

What I hear is (and can also identify with) is that we can appreciate the comfort and stability of what we have, and still feel a little sad about the lack of excitement in their lives compared to younger years. 

You can be grateful for all the good people, things and experiences that are there and yet still feel there is something missing.

You don’t need to be unhappy with your current life to want to strive for change and create a deeper sense of meaning or enthusiasm for the next chapter of your life.

When there is clarity and purpose about the road ahead, it’s suddenly easier to become excited about each day as it comes.

I think this is why I have such excitement now as I embark on my new life as The Joy Coach. I have found clarity and purpose myself about my next 50 years!  I want to share inspiration and tools to make others feel better.  And that means specifically helping women who have already achieved a lot in their lives not just find more joy in the now, but more clarity for their future.

Many women I know feel tired from years of demands that both careers and family have had on them.  They now want to find a better balance between achievement and self-care, between goal-setting and letting go.

Many of these women are leaders in the business world and yet have lost the passion they had at the start.  They are tired of the principles that seem to govern everyday life – where over-working is worn like a badge of honour, goals/ profit are more important than people and more is never enough. 

I have a magnet on my wall that reminds me to “LIVE A BIG LIFE”.  But how can you start on the road lead a big life when you just feel tired?

By having a clear vision in words and pictures of the new life you want to lead!

You need this vision to help motivate you to – in the words of Brené Brown (whom I admire so much) –  choose courage over comfort.  Because change is hard and comfort is tempting! But with a clear vision and a concrete plan you can renew your energy and find the courage you need to take action. 

It certainly takes courage to step away from what you know, from what you are good at and that which affords you a great income.  To give up the status and the recognition and safety of a life that has many perks for the potential reward of a life with more meaning and freedom.

To gain clarity about your future life, here are some good questions to ask:

  1. What are moments in your life and job that felt the most satisfying to you?
  2. Who are some people you admire and why?
  3. What do you think the world needs right now?
  4. What are your strengths and how could you use them in a different role?
  5. What passions did you have when you were younger that you have not been able to pursue for years but that could give you joy again?

Finding out what gives you joy and meaning will help guide your vision board for the next 50 years.