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The Expert For Joy & Innovation

The Joy Method

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Inspire Growth with Fresh Thinking!

Let me bring more joy into your life and more creativity into your business!

I love showing audiences how The Joy Method can be used for business or personal growth. Let me inspire your teams to grow your business with the The Joy Method – showing how Connection, Curiosity and Courage can lead to more Creativity in innovation and marketing.

Many studies show that increased positivity has been proven to improve productivity at the workplace! So why not inspire your employees find more joy and more creative ways of thinking at work and at home?

Taking People & Brands Further:
A lifelong mission

I love getting the best out of people and helping individuals and teams maximise their own awesomeness!

For 20+ years I have been leading international workshops for innovation and brand strategy guiding teams with creativity to produce business-building results.

I have also moderated bigger international events on the big stage, doing interviews / talkshow formats. It’s important to keep the energy high and the content inspiring throughout the day!

So next time you need a moderator and/or a speaker for your next event or workshop, give me a call and let’s discuss how I can help!