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Joy together! Sharing stories and experiences, exploring themes more deeply, and enjoy uplifting others and contributing to making the world a more joyful place.

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Our First Live Digital Event


A Path to Joy – Together We Are Stronger


Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”. So in November 2020, we came together as 20 women from 4 countries – USA, Germany, France and UK – to create more joy in the world, starting with ourselves, in a safe and loving space.

Charmian led participants though a six-week joy-training course called “A Path to Joy” which will soon be available as a digital product for purchase here.

The intention is meet as a group on a regular basis in this digital way, taking particular themes from the Path to Joy course and delving in deeper together, sharing our experiences. We want to support and uplift each other as we continue to make better lives for ourselves and those around us, shining our light and connecting with kindness. Join us!

Like-minded women....

Please note: Currently, places for our live events are limited as we aim to keep them personal and with women who are already on the right path. To help with this, women who have completed our ‘Path To Joy’ course will have priority.  We’d love to see you there…