Relax and Reprogram


Take yourself to a different place

Reprogram your subconscious while you relax deeply with this unique audio experience

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Find more Joy through deep relaxation

One of the blocks to joy is an inability to relax. This can lead to sleep problems and negative thought patterns.

To help you find more joy, I have created this unique guided relaxation that works in two ways to make you feel more positive.  Lying on your back you just relax and listen, drifting into a deep state of rest.  At the same time you let new beliefs and images work on your subconscious. The more you listen, the better you’ll feel!


Lady laying down in shavasana on a beach - Time to switch off

Time to switch off

You can be physically tired but still wired. This guided relaxation using deep breathing, a body scan and a soothing voice with music changes your focus so you can switch off your racing mind.

Sylt with dunes - Like a mini vacation

Like a mini vacation

Your mind and body doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined one.  Give yourself all the benefits of being in nature, at the beach, even when you can’t go there in person!

Beautiful bowls of water overflowing into one another - New Beliefs

New beliefs, more joy

When deeply relaxed you can access different levels of consciousness and imprint new beliefs about yourself and what’s possible.  The more you listen, the more these positive affirmations and new perspectives will allow joy to flow again.

Find out more...

 If you are interested in finding out a little about the science and how it worked for me, take a look below…

The Science Behind This


Science shows that your mind doesn’t know the difference between something imagined and something experienced for real – it has the same physiological effects on the body and the nervous system.

This is why people with phobias such as fear of flying have real physical symptoms when they think about being on an aeroplane – with sweaty palms and increased heartrate.

In the same way you can use the power of your imagination for yourself in a positive way – creating feel good emotions and chemicals on demand. You don’t need to experience something for real to get all the benefits! You don’t need to physically be at the beach to get the same feeling in mind and body.

Take a read on the latest research here:

Similarly, science has proven that the power of suggestion works on a deep level to change how you see things and thus how you feel. You can replace limiting beliefs with a more open, expansive and positive appreciation of who you are, who you can become and what you can offer the world. You can imprint new beliefs particularly well in a state of relaxation, using pictures and emotions to lodge them. The more you listen, the more the affirmations become your new lens of perception!

Science has proven the amazing power of suggestion to change what you see (and hence how you feel):

How this approach has worked for me


Most people see my energy and my very “proactive” approach to my life – so it may come as a surprise that I believe in this method that appears to be so passive!

But I believe life is all about finding the balance between doing and being, between taking control and trusting life to guide you.

Taking time to relax does not come easily to me, I’ll be honest! Especially before bed my mind is often still very active, so it really helps me to have someone else focus my mind on just being and letting go. When I am more relaxed I can more easily open up to the sources of joy that abound within me and around me.

I first discovered the power of longer guided relaxations to create well-being in 1999. I had just moved to San Francisco – it was a new city and I had a new job. I didn’t know anyone and my work sent me to the East Coast every week. I felt stressed and disconnected. But every evening I listened to the same guided relaxation. It helped ground me and connect to the joy within.

In later years I discovered self-hypnosis and NLP as well as Yoga Nidra, which all work in a similar way to reprogram your mind with sound, imagery and the power of the imagination during semi-consciousness or deep relaxation. These also really helped me feel better – without me having to do very much except just lie there and listen! Quite lovely if you are the kind of person who normally has an achiever mindset and a never-ending to-do list.

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes magic happens when you let go. Sometimes it’s better to stop and let your deeper self be your guide. Sometimes it helps to be led back to your true joy and renew your sense of hope from the inside, with more being and less doing.

My hope is that you will find as much comfort in my voice as I have found through listening to my teachers’ words so often over the years…

Charmian and Teddy on a dune in Sylt

The place I describe –
this is my joy refuge

In one part of this track I will take you to one of my favourite places in the world. It is a small island called Sylt off the north west coast of Germany, with large natural reserves filled with the scent of heather blooming and beautiful sandy beaches stretching out for miles.

How this is making others feel


“Think this is the best guided meditation I have used.. it was not long before I felt the benefits … found myself more relaxed and energised.”

Shirley Mackintosh


“After doing this audio program, I sleep so well .. Since I started listening regularly, I feel better, calm, really different”

Clemence Hasenrader