Testimonials / Reviews

One-on-one Coaching

Alexandra Powell, Dorset, UK

I was feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed in my business… during our time together Charmian helped me get clarity by going back to what really matters – why I started my business in the first place and what I genuinely love to do.  I was able to reconnect to my centre and see my next steps, not as a massive mountain that feels impossible to climb but as the natural expression of who I am.  She helped me to remember that it is lots of little steps that get us to our big vision and that starting my day focusing on getting my head in the right space is a hugely beneficial practice.

I committed to re-engaging in my morning routine of meditation and I have begun to set daily intentions and goals, which have helped me to get out of the slump and get back into action. I have started to feel hopeful and happy again in my life and energised in my business.

I think coaching has the power to transform lives and I believe it is the more effective and fastest way to get results. Charmian has a naturally wise and joyful presence, which is instrumental in creating a breakthrough that gets me into action quickly with clarity and conviction.

Charmian has a wealth of experience and is a masterful coach who will help you to achieve your goals and dreams quicker than you ever thought possible. Having a partner like Charmian will propel your success as one can’t help but be inspired and empowered by her!

Monika Wainowski, Hamburg, Germany

The coaching with Charmian really helped me to see new possibilities for my life. I felt much more open and free afterwards, with real hope for the future and a sense of what I can do to become happier and more content. I am truly motivated to make changes and have energy to create a new life for myself. It’s nice to be able to look forward with a new sense of confidence and clarity.

A Path To Joy (Live)

Vallier Hardy, Los Angeles

Thank you Charmian for creating A Path To Joy, and inviting me on your maiden voyage. The framework and practical tools were instrumental in helping me create, and layer in, good habits that set me up for living a more joyful and intentional life. These habit-stacks became like second nature, and made me more present to the people in my life. I’m looking forward to using the tools in A Path To Joy to create a bigger vision for my life. Every session was a joy to participate in due to the abundance of inspiration and the sense of community you created.

Florence Perrier, Lyon

This “ Path to Joy” is a fabulous gift!
Before starting the course…looking for joy was not at all on the radar, ever. My adult life was a long series of battles, fights, survival moments driving to a “game over” message sent from my body. My quest, at the time where the “path to joy” has crossed my road, was about finding an inner peace and a professional place aligned with my deep values.
During the course, I found the first week was pretty disturbing, in raising a need that I had never thought about and that seemed un-achievable to me (that was my belief). Constant smiling was just a way to hide a deep sadness which I was used to since I was 8.
Little by little, by sharing quick wins and making it easy to set up new habits, Charmian has opened new exploration roads. Charmian has a very sunny personality and embodies joy. And yet she dares to share her vulnerability during the sessions to demonstrate that another path beyond struggling for life exists.
Charmian has this amazing gift to help people get better in their own world.
This course has changed many perspectives on how I will deal with my future stumblings. I feel much more equipped to welcome what will be around the corner (a brand new way of thinking for me!). MMMS is my new mantra! 

Instead of being scared, I feel much more courageous now about going through the discomfort of my current professional life.
Thank you Charmian, you are a super star!

Jimena Martinez, Paris

“Refreshing to see life through the eyes of joy”

I was pretty confused when I started this adventure, but I have to say that I really like the way this course was thought through. It was all about Joy right from the beginning. Seeing things through the lens of joy is compelling. It’s so refreshing to progress and to challenge yourself but without feeling it like it is a duty or very unreachable kind of goal. This lightness really helps a lot to develop good habits, and find joy in them. It’s getting through to me. I am not disciplined enough yet, but I am happy to have very clear new tools for joy.

Marie-Claire Ruimy, Montpellier

This was a great and inspiring experience. I can see a lot of things that I couldn’t see before, it helped me step back and see things differently. It’s opened up new perspectives. I’ve learned that joy can be taught… And I’ve learned that joy is contagious!

Kerstin Alert, Hamburg

A Path to Joy – my personal masterclass:

I meditate every morning, gratitude journaling is a fixed ritual in my life, my vision boards guides my way towards the future goals.

I feel centered and pretty much content with my life. I intuitively was on good way,
Charmian’s amazing Joy Model now taught me why I feel like I feel. In this 6 sessions I experienced how and why all these different habits leads to a life full of joy.

Furthermore I learned that courage is as well a piece of the puzzle. Understanding this, it has encouraged me to write my book. Being courageous now leads me to the strong belief that I have an important story to tell!

Aline Delpierre, Chicago

You inspired me. Your teaching made a big impact on me and I felt very connected to you. I realised how important meditation was on a regular daily basis for me. I’m really getting better at this.
I loved the consistency of a weekly session and having the group. It helped to establish discipline and keep me going. This program has brought me greater energy and made me feel great.

Susanne Jansen, Hamburg

I find the journey most inspiring and feel that it really brings me forward on my way to a new professional orientation and more happiness. The longer the course the more the pieces of the puzzle come together to form the overall image. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate. And thank you for not giving up and actually setting this course up. I am convinced that you will create a lot of joy for many people!
The most beneficial parts for me are the homeworks and practices (e.g. meditation, gratitude letter, vision board or also the physical poses). Because applying these tools make me experience first hand how beneficial and instant their effect is. And it helps me directly on my current journey. As you so rightly put it yesterday, Charmian: action breads confidence and courage. Even small action in the form of a homework… 😊

Shirley Mackintosh, Troon, UK

“A Path to Joy” is a terrific opportunity which I can highly recommend. The course covered a good variety of topics which I found, and am still finding, very useful.

Just by implementing some of Charmian’s ideas I found I have: really improved my positivity; rediscovered the courage I had shown in the past when facing challenges; remained calm, determined and focused in times of crisis; and rediscovered my self-confidence. I now enjoy an improved positive attitude to life – open to new ideas and excited about the opportunities which lie ahead.

There are many aspects to the course which are fascinating to learn about and develop. However, it is Charmian herself with her in-depth, wide-ranging knowledge, uplifting support and sheer enthusiasm & Joy which makes the course so worthwhile and unique. Finally, it is good to know that if one wants to further develop any aspect of the course, then Charmian will be able to facilitate this.

Kate Brett, London

I really like the structure of the course, the cadence of it, the quotes, the suggestions for reading – it’s given me food for thought. I enjoyed the meditation practice, it’s given me more focus, which is really useful and I intend to continue it.

Sophie Loyer, Paris

I enjoyed:
– Learning about cultivating Joy with a coach who is very knowledgeable and shares her numerous references
– Taking the time to understand what the ingredients of joy are and how it is structured. Then, develop one’s own approach to joy mindfulness.
– Staggering the group work with weekly meetups enabled me to digest the session’s teachings and discussions and to practice some of the exercises that Charmian recommended us to do.
– Being encouraged to set up new Joy habits and debriefing about my first steps with the rest of the group.
– Sharing stories and thoughts with other women, getting their perspectives about self-care, resilience, work life balance, etc.

I was very impressed by Charmian’s extensive knowledge in the fields of self-development, health and spirituality. Week after week, she has taught me and the rest of the group ways to lift up not only my moods but also my perspectives on life, in a deep and authentic manner.
What I have found very original and compelling in Charmian’s Joy coaching is that she is focusing on how to level up one’s energy level and positive outlook on one’s life. Concentrating and working on reaching a certain level of joy is a very powerful way to deal with the challenges we are faced with and, beyond, to train ourselves to what truly matters to us and makes us vibrate in our lives.

Anja Schüling, Hamburg

I love Charmian’s 3 C model. I use it regularly to get myself into a better place. It is helpful when I feel stuck and when I need a kind of re-alignment.

Julia Barysheva, Chicago

Pressures and intensity of life may obscure joy plunging us into a dull existence. It is not all lost from there as you can learn how to create more joy in your life with the Path to Joy program. Charmian’s belief is that joy can be taught. As a joy coach, Charmian distilled ancient wisdom and latest science of joy into a simple and effective framework that is easy to practice and integrate even into the busiest schedule. As a result, the feeling of joy will be growing overtime creating a cascade of positive change in many areas of life.

Clemence Hasenrader, Paris

Really fantastic experience… a wonderful journey. It has had a really positive effect on my life! I have more courage to be myself, I judge less and I can connect with others better. I had problems with meditation at the beginning but now I do it regularly – it helps me find calm and let go of negative thoughts. The course has also helped me take steps to become the famous author I want to be, showing up and creating a more positive life for myself. Thanks a lot, it was amazing!

Charlotte Reiher, Frankfurt

Before I started the course I was in a medium state of Joy. So a little bit stressed at work, but in general everything was quite okay. The course itself was very structured with a lot of valuable ideas and input like at the buffet you can take whatever suits for you it in a certain moment. I also like this introduction to meditation, especially for people who are not so familiar with this. I think it’s very valuable course and it’s worth spending the time on it. After the course I had more clarity about my blocks to joy and a couple of things happened that really changed my life… I can recommend this course! Charmian is is a very inspiring host. So I hope you also enjoy this Path to Joy! Charmian, I wish all the best for your future as The Joy Coach.

Relax & Reprogram

Gerrie Smith, Scotland

I generally feel that I am a happy person. I never really think of myself as stressed but often waken in the “wee small hours” worrying. I then feel tired the next day.

Charmian’s Relax and Reprogram Guided Meditation has been very helpful. The voice, narrative and music are all very calming and pleasant to listen to.

I have meditated at various times of the day but found that the best time for my meditation is just before I got to bed. With repeated daily listening I sleep better and feel much more refreshed the next day. I have also noticed that I am finding the joy in small things again and generally feel happier and more able to cope with life’s struggles.

I have used other meditations in the past but certainly feel that this has been the most effective.

Shirley Mackintosh, Scotland

I found Charmian’s Relax & Reprogram meditation very beneficial.  I enjoyed using it to start my day as it was very uplifting and positive.  I also found it good if needing a bit of a rest and refresh during the day and at bedtime to unwind and relax.  The meditation is very pleasant to listen to and I always look forward to using it.

It wasn’t long before I felt the benefits and found myself more relaxed and reenergised.

Think this is the best guided meditation I have used.

Clemence Hasenrader, Paris

Thank you for this great meditation!  I listen to it regularly as I definitively feel good afterwards.  At night I use it and it helps me sleep really well.  Your voice, the music brings you inside, I don’t know how to explain.  Usually I can’t concentrate at all, but with your audio I forget everything. I used it in the morning when I was feeling oppressed and  I felt much better afterwards – really different and calm.

Susanne Jansen, Hamburg

I love it!  Fantastic meditation. Your voice is really made for this, so rich, soft, comforting and soothing…II love listening to this because it just makes me feel incredibly good.  So far I’ve done it 3 times but I intend to use it very regularly as it’s so enjoyable.

Kerstin Hansen, Hamburg

This really helped me reconnect to my own inner joy and energy. I hadn’t realised how far away I had moved from my own inner joy by my striving for perfection, success and keeping others happy.  It helped me find my own lightness of being and joy of life that I had somehow lost touch with. It got me to finally look inside rather than outside and think about what I really want for my life, what will really bring me joy.  I hadn’t realised how much I was pushing and feeling on a treadmill, forgetting my inner self and what I need. This has helped let go and find something again that had somehow got lost over the years – my lightness and joy.

Heather Mackintosh, Spalding, UK

I was really surprised by how quickly I noticed a difference. I found listening before bed was the best method for me as this is often when I overthink and worry about things. After only a few days of listening, I found myself falling asleep a lot quicker and definitely enjoyed a much deeper sleep (with no waking up in the early hours worrying like I usually do). When trying other meditations, I’ve often struggled to connect with the ‘story’ being told so I was surprised by how easily I was able to relax and focus on your words. The duration of the meditation is also perfect too – not too short that I feel no benefit but also not too long that I feel I can’t easily fit it into my day.